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There are many ways to help the New Hampshire Farm Museum continue its mission to preserve New Hampshire's agricultural heritage and make it relevant for new generations.

Simply becoming a member helps with our day-to-day operating expenses. Monetary donations of any size-ten dollars to ten thousand dollars--are always appreciated.

Membership to the New Hampshire Farm Museum provides you:

  • Free admission to the museum for you and your family, depending on the level at which you join (see below for membership categories)
  • Free admission to special events throughout the year, except where noted (click on Events Calendar)
  • 10% discount in our Country Store on all non-food products
  • Our newsletter, mailed twice a year and email updates if you give us your email.

General Public Membership levels
$20  Individual
$30  Couples (two adults at same address)
$45  Family (two adults and their children/grandchildren under age 18)
$100  Supporting Member
$500  Benefactor

Corporate/Organization Membership Levels
$75  Library/non-profit organization Members receive: A family pass which may be checked out by library/non-profit patrons enabling the pass holder free admission during the museums open season and discounted admission to off season events.

$250  Business Members receive: A family pass for use by the owners & employees of the member business which may be used for free admission during the museums open season and discounted admission to off season events.

Farm Museum memberships make great gifts for any occasion!

Giving Opportunities
Give to The Jones Farm Restoration Project!
The Farm Museum has been fortunate to receive a grant from NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program for the restoration of the Jones Farm foundations and structure--EVERY DOLLAR YOU CONTRIBUTE IS MATCHED by LCHIP. By donating you will stretch your contribution to the max!!

The Annual Appeal
Your gift to the annual appeal can be made at anytime of year and supports the yearly operation of the museum. Gift both large and small are appreciated!

Event/Program Sponsorship
We welcome sponsorship big or small. We really need sponsorship of our special events and children’s programming in particular. There are many opportunities, please contact us for more information about the benefits of sponsorship. Just a few examples:

Sponsor a workshop or educational program : $100.

Sponsor the Horse drawn rides at an event: $250.

Sponsor a major event such as our Childrens’ Days, Old Time Farm Days, The Pie Festival $350 - $1000.

The Endowment
Give to the endowment and/or in memory or honor of a beloved family member. Gifts to the endowment are an investment in the museum's future as they fund the museum in perpetuity. The interest from endowment funds supports the museum operation on a yearly basis; half of the interest is reinvested every year to grow the fund.

Memorial Gifts
Make a memorial gift or gift in honor of a special person. These gifts, unless otherwise instructed, go directly into our Endowment funds which support the museum in perpetuity. We have endowment funds for education and school and youth programming as well as endowment funds to support the collections and historic buildings.

The Animal Fund
Adopt a Farm Animal! A gift to the animal fund goes directly toward the annual feed, hay, and veterinary costs to keep our farm animals happy and healthy. All donors are invited to a special up close and personal farm animal tour.

One of the highlights of a visit to the New Hampshire Farm Museum for children and adults alike is a farm animal tour. Now, we invite you to “adopt” a farm animal, providing critical financial help with food, bedding, and veterinary care. Click on The Farm Animals button to find out more about the animals we currently have here at the Farm Museum. As we add to our livestock program, with an emphasis on heritage breeds that were common in early New England farming, we will introduce them to you and add them to our adoption program.

Adopt one sheep at $20/month; $240/year
Adopt the flock! $100/month; $1200/year

Adopt one goat at $15/month; $180/year

Adopt a chicken at $5/month; $60/year
Adopt the flock! (around 2 dozen chickens) $60/month; $720/year

Adopt Butterscotch the Cat $10/month;/ $120/year

Adopt our two rabbits Clementine and Junior $10/month/ $120/year

If you are interested in talking about giving opportunities, please call Kathleen Shea at 603-652-7840.

United Way Day of Caring volunteers paint the blacksmith shop

The Farm Museum
sheep flock

Volunteers help with the garden restoration project

Volunteer demonstrator Ed Carley

Volunteer Jim Voyles in
a parade with his
tractor project

Berwick Academy students help with annual
spring chores

Day campers Kelsey Josephine tame the
turkey poults

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