Greetings all!  It is I—Butterscotch—the President, CEO, and Executive Director of the New Hampshire Farm Museum (those humans wouldn’t know what to do without me)!  I thought I would write you all with a little update about the most important part of the farm—ME! And all the other animals too.

First up are some of the newest residents of my Plummer Home Priscilla and Paisley Plummer, two Gloucester Old Spot pigs.  They are about 5 months old now and eat everything in sight.  Seriously, I thought I ate a lot.  So far their acceptable foods list includes feed pellets, grass, pokey plants, tomatoes, rotten tomatoes, carrots, glazed donuts, broccoli, and mushy apples.  Yummy.

The four sheep still make sure to solicit all visitors for grain.  After protesting a move to the big front pasture (they were very upset over the whole matter), they have settled in and began a valiant attempt to eat all of the grass in the pen.  Although not too successful, they are quite happy with the variety of grassy plants found in the front pasture.

The chickens are doing what chickens do best by digging up the gardens (that is not in their job description) and catching bugs.  Oscar has had quite a summer keeping track of all of the hens.  Soon, he will be even more busy with the addition of 17 baby chicks purchased in early autumn.  For reasons unknown to myself, the humans refuse to let me play with the chicks so I cannot comment upon their appearance.

Lastly, the bunnies have been expert escape artists this season. The view of my humans racing around the yard after the silly things is highly entertaining.  Apart from their many adventures as free-range bunnies, they have had a quiet summer as they nibble away at their truly favorite food plantain leaves.  This quiet was then ripped apart when the humans were startled by the discovery of 4, 3 week old bunnies.  The observational skills of the humans are somewhat lacking.  However, they have founded excellent homes for the bunnies with some of the museum’s board members and are back down to only 4 bunnies.

And now for me (the only part of this epistle you truly care about).  I am fabulously wonderful.  I have a new friend living with me at the Plummer whom I trip in the morning so she has to pet me.  It’s quite an effective technique.  Also, I have been busy at work on the de-mousing portion of my job description and have been quite proud to so off my accomplishments to visitors.  So far, none of them want to taste the mice I graciously offer for their enjoyment.  Their loss.

And with that, I will bid you adieu my lovely readers.  Make sure to keep up to date on my life by becoming my friend on Facebook!